Reading to Kids

My dad always read to my sisters and I when we were little. I remember him sitting in our hallway (so all three of us could hear)  reading countless nursery rhymes.  "Just one more dad, pleeease??!" we would say, and he would, there are worse things to be suckered into as a parent, right?  Fast forward a few years, as a parent of two, so far my oldest loves books.  My husband and I have been reading to her since she was a baby and are doing the same with our youngest.  I have to believe it's making a difference, because now at two and a half, she loves it when we read to her and always says, "let me read it" after and recites the basic story to us. 

I have to admit, despite my dad's best efforts, I didn't always love picking up a book when I was a kid, that's why I thought this article was interesting on how kids can enjoy reading so it doesn't feel like a chore, but rather a treat!

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