Please Winter, Go Away!

Please Winter, Go Away!

I realize I live in the Northeast, where winter brings snow and ice along with below freezing temps, but enough already!

The headlines, including this one, have even started to get punchy! How are you supposed to report news of another storm coming today, when at this point the only "news" is if it's not going to snow or be so cold that they don't need to describe it as "brutal" or "record lows." 

I know it brings little comfort to look at this countdown clock which says spring is only 31 days away, when it looks like Antarctica outside. Frankly, I don't really care what the calendar says because at this point, the warmth of the sunshine and the sight and smell of fresh flowers and the sound of birds chirping outside my window just doesn't seem palpable.

I love how even the groundhog is jokingly considered a fugitive at this point because while he forecast 6 more weeks of winter, he certaintly didn't mention anything about this relentless weather.

Even taking the kids out to get some fresh air and embrace all that snow with a sled has been impossible because of the bitter cold temperatures. 

So, all this being said, as I look outside my kitchen window, trying to figure out how to thaw a frozen pipe and only being able to see the tippy top of our swing set, I will make a list of the things I will look forward to, when this ridiculous winter ends.

1. Long walks with the kids and the dog, sans jacket!

2. Going to the park

3. Not having to start my car before I want to leave

4. Not having to look for everyones hats, mittens and boots (which seem to disappear much like the socks in the dryer!)

5. Eating any meal outside with my husband

6. Reading a good book out on my porch

7. Sunscreen

8. A summer concert

9. The sand between my toes

10. Moving?! Haaa!



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