Parents: Do You Have a Will?

Who wants to think about death, when you've just brought new life into this world?

The subject of a will first came up sometime after the birth of our first daughter.  Who would take care of our child if we both died?  It's an unpleasant topic to have to think about, especially at one of the most incredible times of your life, but it's a really important one.  According to a survey by Parents Magazine, 69 percent of their readers polled don't have a will.  Maybe before kids it wasn't a priority, but consider this: according to an attorney in the article, your children could end up in foster care if you don't designate a legal guardian.  That's a frightening thought to me, a judge deciding what's best for my children?  The article details some important steps to consider before calling an attorney and some reasons why some parents have waited.  Check it out here to get the conversation started and consider moving it to the top of your  "to-do" list!

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