New Year's Babies

As a journalist and former TV News Producer, I've spent many New Year's mornings awaiting press releases from hospitals announcing the first baby of the New Year.  It's one of the simple joys that comes with working holidays. I love babies.  There's also nothing more beautiful than seeing a parent look at their child for the first time; exhaustion, mixed with joy and unconditional love. 

Congratulations to all the new parents out there today, including Ann Werner and Patrick Smith of Hamden.  According to Yale-New Haven Children's Hospital, their son, Declan Richard Smith was the hospital's first baby of the new year. Declan was born at 12:17am. It's Ann and Patrick's first child.  While I'm still waiting to hear from other hospitals about their New Year's babies, I won't hold my breath.  I just read here about a new policy some hospitals are adopting because of privacy issues. Some are no longer providing that information to the media for fear of identity theft or abductions.  While I understand any and every effort should be made to protect a patients privacy, I think it's just sad that that seems to be the world we live in.  What do you think? Should hospitals share news of the first baby of the New Year as long as the parents are comfortable with it or not?

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