New Year, New Developments for the Lotus Leaf

After an uncertain time, a local mom-preneur is on-track with her invention, hoping the new year brings even more opportunities to grow her product.As seen in this Mommy Minute report, Julie Robbins, a pre-natal massage therapist in Woodbridge, designed a unique pillow system for expectant moms called the Lotus Leaf.But, in the summer, a Kickstarter campaign did not yield the funds for Robbins to manufacture her concept.  With much confidence and support, she persevered.  In late October, she found funding and officially launched the pillow system, aimed at improving a woman's healthful rest, vital during pregnancy.In an email exchange, Robbins reports exciting developments:We were thrilled with how sales picked up through the holidays, and the feedback from our customers is truly gratifying: the Lotus Leaf follows through on its promise of pain relief and quality sleep. This isn't a surprise to me, but it is a great feeling to hear it back from the pregnant women who have purchased our product.We have high hopes for the new year, and in the beginning our goal is just to continue making sure women know the Lotus Leaf is available. We also have some independent researchers who have delighted us by beginning a small study on the "Lotus Leaf Effect" on sleep, and we can't wait to hear their findings when the study is completed. Medical research that backs up our knowledge of the Lotus Leaf would be invaluable to the company.Click here for more information about the Lotus Leaf.

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