Nap Time!

Nap time.

Time for the kids to get some rest and time for parents to do chores or work, watch anything but cartoons on TV or just relish the quiet.  Some days I have a laundry list of things to do and speed through it like I was on a mission.  Other days, I get absolutely nothing accomplished, and then, their are days when I don't have a choice because they don't nap.  Those are special days. I know by 5 o'clock, I'll have at least one, if not two grumpy girls, who seem to either cry at the drop of a hat or throw back to back tantrums.  I know the importance of sleep. I love it myself and if I don't get it, I'm cranky, so how could I expect my much younger kids to handle being tired?

"Get them on a schedule" my mom always told me after my oldest was born.  The bit of advice was extremely useful for a new mom, and even more so when I became a mom of two. At a certain point, we started to get into a bit of a rythmn. I knew what cues they were giving me when they were tired and I felt like a champ when I got them to nap together. But, now that I have one preschooler who's slowly phasing out naps and a one and a half year old who always falls asleep in the car, but sometimes not in her crib, it's getting tricky!

I've never planned everything around my kids' naps. (seriously, no judgement, I just don't.) That being said, I do try and schedule any long car rides around them, if possible.  My thought being, if they sleep too much during the day, they won't sleep well at night.  That's the thought behind this interesting article. Take a look and share your thoughts about nap time!

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