My Daughter's Masterpiece!

It's true, you have to keep an eye on your children every second in a parking lot, road, amusement park or store, the list goes on, but as any parent knows, there comes a time when "mommy has some chores to do" at home.  I always leave them in a childproof area to play, locking gates or closing doors to any area off limits.  In my experience, any parent who can sit with their child all day, supervised, either has outside help, or a house filled with dirty laundry, dishes and dust!

My one year old daughter's nap schedule is in transition and my almost three year old sometimes doesn't nap, so finding time to get anything done is pretty tricky these days.  So, I ask my oldest, Brianna, "what kind of project would you like to do, painting, Play-Doh, coloring?"  "Coloring" she says.  Ok, so I set her up with construction paper and her new markers (since SOMEONE keeps forgetting to put the caps back on, we always seem to have new markers!)  She says, "I'm going to color a picture for daddy and he can bring it to work ."  "Perfect", I say, "he'll love that!"  Not even two minutes later as I round the corner to check on her, I find this! (see picture!) She used her body as her canvas.  "Brianna?!!!" I say, "you're supposed to use the paper!" and then as I'm telling her "this is going to require a bath" I grab my phone and snap a picture.  Of course it's hilarious but I try to contain my laughter because I don't exactly want this to happen everytime the markers come out and I have something to do!

I'm sure this won't be the last time I find a masterpiece like this, in fact, I can expect Addison to join her in the shenanigans the next time, because she wants to be just like her big sister!

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