Mom friends

I can relate to this article about how tough it can be to make "mom friends."

If you have a newborn this time of year, it's hard to get out.  It's freezing and the idea of bundling up your baby just to get out of the house for an hour seems like a lot, especially when you haven't slept and may or may not be covered in breast milk or spit up!

While I no longer have a newborn (sigh), it wasn't that long ago that I was going through the same struggle as the mom in the article.  I too, have lots of friends I grew up with, but we're all scattered around and have different working situations.  I don't live near them and visiting my family requires a daytrip. 

I'm happy to say it does get better, gradually.  My youngest is now 18 months old.  We found an indoor play place where I met some friendly moms while my daughter ran around.  And, like the mom in the article, the library is key!  Tap into your resources and ask anyone and everyone how they stay sane!  I know how isolating it can feel to be "trapped" in your house with a newborn.  Share your feelings and drag yourself out of the house! I always feel better afterwards, even if it ended with a toddler tantrum or ruined nap time one day.  I'm learning as I go to TRY and not sweat the small stuff.  It is a constant struggle for me. But, I've had to learn to let it go SOME days for my sanity.  Go have fun with your kids and meet other moms and dads like I did last week at the library.  I always feel good after having a conversation with another parent who's sometimes struggling with the same issues you are, whether it be sleeping or tantrums or ear infections, even if you're talking about your kids, you're talking to an adult, which is just necessary sometimes! 

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