Miracle League Plans Tricks and Treats for Kids of All Abilities

Pumpkin carving, face painting and lots of goodies are on tap for the Third Annual "Trick-or-Treat Miracle League Style" coming-up on October 25th at 3pm.

This amazing Halloween event, held at the Miracle League field on the corner of Trout Brook and Asylum in West Hartford, features a path on a rubberized field for kids with physical and cognitive disabilities.

"Halloween can be very challending for children with disabilities and one of the main goals of our organization is to provide as much normalcy to the children and children's families as we can," says Kipling Berger-Gottshall, Program Director for The Miracle League of Connecticut.  "The field is turned into a fully accessible neighborhood, barrier-free and level for children with physical challenges and in wheel chairs, providing them with a safe environment to trick-or-treat and the parents can relax and watch their children experience the joy of being able to trick-or-treat in a safe environment while having loads of fun!"

The Miracle League of Connecticut provides boys and girls with disabilities, ages 5 to 18, with the opportunity to participate in baseball and other team sports in a supportive, risk-free setting.

Berger-Gottshall says "Trick-or-Treat Miracle Style" gets bigger and bigger each year.  With 47 sponsors, more than 200 little ghosts and goblins are expected to turn-out for the upcoming party!

"The little girl in the picture is such an inspiration to us.  Her name is Sophie and she always has a smile, her disability doesn't hold her back and she can really hit the ball!  Even though she has a walker, you should see how fast she makes it to the base!" says Berger-Gottshall.  "She loves Halloween and being able to trick or treat with her friend on the Miracle League field."

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