Mean Girls

There's always one "mean girl", a leader of the pack, the one who makes the decisions and attempts to control a group of followers.

The Hollywood film, "Mean Girls" takes it to the extreme, but the premise is the same.  One girl who makes you feel bad about yourself.  She, who is likely insecure herself, finds the one thing you're sensitive about and pushes your buttons.  It could be your clothes, your skin, your hair, maybe you're not the smartest girl in class, whatever weakness you have, she'll sniff it out and exploit it to make her feel better about herself.

Of course I know that now, but growing up, I remember just wanting to be liked. I remember feeling shy and insecure about how I looked.  I'll be honest, I would never want to revisit middle school. 

I no longer feel like the "ugly duckling" or a "follower" trying to win some other girls approval.  In fact, I pride myself on how much I stick up for myself.  As the mother of two young daughters, I want my girls to grow up with a strong sense of self worth.  I am dreading the day when they'll come home from school crying because some girl was "mean to them."  I know I can't fight all my girls battles for them, so I'm doing my best now to encourage them to be happy with who they are.  "Embrace your differences, be proud of them!"  And I know the only way they'll learn is by watching me do the same! I hope they don't waste as much time as I did seeking approval!

Check out this article on "How Not to Raise a Mean Girl."  I'll admit, after reading it, I realized maybe I should reconsider even using the term "Mean Girl."


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