Meal Train

It's a genius idea... and it's always necessary!

Meal Train helps family and friends coordinate meals for people who could use a little help.  Everyone has to eat right?

I remember feeling like a zombie when both of my daughters were born, it was a state of exhaustion I never knew existed.  Change diapers, nurse baby, try and eat something, maybe shower, pass out.  Then, the second baby comes along and you have to somehow muster the strength to play with a 2 year old, but you do, because you're superwoman.  However, the idea of stumbling in the kitchen to make a meal, made my head hurt.  I couldn't imagine trying to make a healthy dinner for my family in those first few weeks (ok months).  But that's where steps in.  People always ask, "how can I help?" or "what do you need?", the answer is always food (or diapers but I digress!) allows someone to set up a schedule for people who'd like to feed the family.  (check out their sample here) There's a list of preferences that the family sets up ahead of time, any allergies and a good time for you to bring it to them.  That way, no overlap and no disappointment when they find out you made something they don't like but were too polite to say something.  What's also unique is that you can't just look up anyones, the organizer will send out a specific web address to people who might be interested so you don't have to worry about privacy (since the recipients address is listed).

I wish I could say I was invited to contribute to a mealtrain for a family who just had a baby, but I wasn't, it was for a friend recovering from surgery.  So, the service is available to anyone who needs it.  AND, if you're not a good cook or just don't have the time, there's always delivery, right?!


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