Math App

Math: Love it or hate it, at some point, our kids will likely need help wth their homework. What if I can't figure it out?  I wonder if I retained any of the lessons I learned back in school. "Are you Smarter Than a 5th Grader" comes to mind! 

My husband and I were just talking about which subjects we were good at and which ones we wished we could have skipped.  Geometry was a killer for me, I remember trying so hard, but just always felt like my brain didn't get it.  I loved algebra for some reason, it just made sense to me (at the time!)  In comes the Math App.  I wasn't looking for it since my girls aren't old enough for homework yet, but of course it got me thinking, are they just learning how to use phones and computers to do the work for them? I wonder if my GPA would have been much higher had I had this tool back in the day?

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