Mama's Got an Interview!

Maybe you used to work full time before you had kids, or switched to part time and want to increase your hours now that the kids are in school... it's a situation many mothers find themselves in at some point.

Perhaps the reason to quit work was financial, "with two kids in daycare, we just couldn't afford it" or maybe they were personal, "I didn't want to leave my baby" or perhaps it was "just the right time for a change" and the baby sealed the deal. Whatever the reason, the circumstances have changed.  Maybe you need the money or need to get out of the house or would just like some extra spending money.  You're back on the job hunt.  You've spruced up your resume, signed up for email alerts, applied and got a call back.  So, why did you bomb the interview?  Some say it's because you marketed yourself as a parent.

Believe me, I know caring for the kids is a full time job in itself.  It requires patience, multi-tasking, creativity, hard work and fun! But, that doesn't mean your prospective employer understands or even cares for that matter.

So, here's some great tips BEFORE you have that face to face. Some of them are brutally honest, but wouldn't you rather get an offer?


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