Make 'Meet the Teacher' Night Matter

Curriculum Night is coming up.  This "beginning-of-school" chance to really see the new classroom, and meet the new teacher (without the rushed frenzy of morning drop-off) can sometimes be overwhelming.  Work ends, pick-up kids, afternoon activities, make dinner, rush to Curriculum Night after passing spouse for a millisecond in the driveway.  You know the drill.  Deep breaths.  Any stress aside, it's an important time to learn our child's new routine and become familiar with his teacher's expectations.

That's why, this article, by blogger Mari-Jane Williams of The Washington Post, resonated with me.

She shares insight from Carol Lloyd, the executive editor at GreatSchools, an online directory, about how to be prepared for this big evening by knowing the right questions to ask the teacher.


What is your perspective on homework?

How do you feel about the Common Core (or other state-mandated) standards? Do you feel prepared for them? 

What is your plan for different types of learners?

For a lot more info, click on the entire article, from The Washington Post.

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