Local Moms Take the 'No Spend Challenge'

Inspired by web site Living Well Spending Less, some local moms are embarking on a "No Spend Challenge".

I first learned of this when I saw them exchanging posts on Facebook.  Intrigued, I - and other moms - began asking, "What is a 'No Spend Month'?"

Apparently, they commit to buying no food - except absolute essentials like milk, bread, eggs and cheese - for a month.  They turn to their pantrys and freezers...use up all the food that's been stored there...getting creative with recipes.  They cut out trips to restaurants and coffee shops...and save a ton of dough.

"My husband is getting laid off and although he was given a lot of notice, we wanted to prepare ourselves to live more frugally," says my friend, Kiley, a local mom of two.  "The '30 Day No Spend Challenge' gives us the structure to what was a previously vague goal."  She reduced her grocery/miscellaneous budget by 70 percent during "No Spend February".

Tell us your tips for saving money!

Also, please share any pantry-inspired recipes that were popular with the family.

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