Like Mother, Like Daughter

You're your own worst critic.

So, when you look in the mirror, what do you see?  Do you focus on the dark circles under your eyes, that blemish that just popped up or realize it's time for a color because you see more gray hair than brown?

I spent my teen years agonizing over my terrible skin and curly hair.  My self confidence wasn't great.  But, somewhere along the way, I didn't feel like the ugly duckling anymore.  Part of it had to do with my evolving looks, but some of it, was who I had to look up to.  My mother.  She's beautiful on the inside and out.  She not only took care of me, but taught me how to stand up for myself, that's what I want my daughters to emulate.  It's not often my girls see me blow drying my hair or putting on makeup, but when they do, my 3 year old always asks, "Can I use some?"  I know at this age, it's mostly curiosity and wanting to be like mommy.  But, I make it a point to not only tell my daughters how beautiful they are, but also how smart and silly and kind they are as well. I know they're watching and listening more than I even realize. 

Dove has always been an incredible model for inner beauty. Check out their new self esteem campaign: Who do you #feelbeautifulfor.







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