Like A Girl

When did doing anything "like a girl" become a negative connotation?

According to a recent study by Always and it's parent company, P&G, only 19% of the 1,200 women they talked to had a positive association with the phrase.  However, 57% of the women, ages 16-24, thought that should change.

The research showed sometime during puberty, women lose their confidence. As the mother of two young daughters, that struck a chord with me.  Always and P&G are now working to redefine the phrase: "like a girl" through a social media campaign, #likeagirl.  They hired documentarian and photographer Lauren Greenfield.  She talked to the older girls first, asking them to "run like a girl" or "fight like a girl."  Then, she asked a group of girls, ages five-13 to do the same thing.  The video is powerful. Take a moment to watch it for every mom, daughter, wife and friend you know out there to inspire change. #likeagirl



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