Let There Be Light!

I used to dread it.

My mom would make us go see the Christmas lights at Lighthouse Point Park in New Haven on the way home from my Grandparents house on Christmas Eve. We (my sister and I since my other sister and brother were too young to care) would beg her to just go home.  "Whyyyy?"!!! or "Nooo, Mom!" we would say in that whiny, teenage voice. 

How could she?  Invite us to participate in a fun tradition that she wanted to continue with her children.  But instead, I was that obnoxious daughter who wanted to rush home to talk on the phone to who knows who! 

So, here's my overdue apology, Sorry Mom!

It's not only something I can laugh at now, it's a memory I treasure. As much as I pretended to hate seeing the colorful displays of Santa and his reindeer, it made me smile. In more recent years, I'm the one who voluntarily looks up when the holiday light displays open for the season and let her know if I've heard one has closed for some reason or another. 

So, Mom, and everyone else who loves a good Christmas light display, click here to find several places to "torture" your children with holiday joy!!

Happy Holidays!


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