Jeter Retires From Baseball, Writes Children's Book

As a Boston girl, I'm a Red Sox fan, through and through.

But, my father-in-law is all about the Bronx Bombers, so, we recently had a meeting of the minds: a family get-together at Fenway Park in Boston for Derek Jeter's last baseball game.

As a mom of an 11 year old who loves sports, I have to say, I get extremely frustrated that high-paid athletes don't take their positions as "role models" more seriously.  My son can't turn on ESPN without hearing about the latest controversy, involving drugs or violence, ie: the Ray Rice scandal.

But, Jeter is a gentleman.  An earnest, hard worker, he always played the game with quiet confidence, showing respect for others.  That's a sports idol that has been truly inspiring to countless kids around the globe.  Additionally, he created the Turn 2 Foundation, to promote healthy lifestyles in youths, which has donated $19 million dollars in grants since 1996.

And, now, this sports hero is taking his post-baseball career in a new direction, writing a children's book called "The Contract", for readers ages 8 to 12.  It is the first title from his new company, Jeter Publishing, part of Simon & Schuster.  The protagonist is a 3rd grader who resembles the young Yankee quite closely.  With dreams of playing baseball in the future, his parents ask him to sign a contract, promising to do his best in every realm of his life.  The book encourages kids to dream big while living in an honorable way. 


This mom applauds Derek Jeter.

Even though he didn't play for the Sox.

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