Immune-Boosting Foods

Boogie Wipes, Kleenex, cough drops, honey, soup, Tylenol, a humidifier... All things my family has had to keep on hand since the fall.  Everyone told me my kids would get sick as soon as they went to school.  It's not that I didn't believe them, I'm just ready for us all to be healthy.  It's been one illness after another since September it seems, but constantly since November.  Brianna, my 3 year old will pick up something at school and pass it on to her sister Addison who always shows symptoms 2-3 days later.  There's been pink eye, a stomach bug and a persistent cough going around in our house.  Gross. I clean and disinfect and do a lot of laundry, but the viruses are relentless!

I know part of this is normal and necessary to build up our immunity and I thank God everyday it's all been relatively minor.  That being said, I'm sick of my kids being sick. I'm a big believer in a little fresh air and exercise but that's been challenging with this weather, so that leaves nutrition.  I consulted a friend of mine who is a Registered Dietitian.  She suggested I read this article, which includes a grocery list of vitamin packed goodies to boost your immunity.  I know we can't avoid every bug out there and there's only so much hand sanitizer you can dole out before your children touch their face or put their hands in their mouth, but eating healthier foods can only help!

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