Ice Buckets, Taylor Swift and Family Fun!

On the last day of a blissful, relaxing vacation, full of laughing, swimming and board games, our eldest son accepted the now-infamous Ice Bucket Challenge, in support of those with ALS, also referred to as Lou Gehrig's Disease.

Honestly, the whole episode became a really hysterical example of pure family fun...and a wonderful lesson for the boys.

Sam nominated Dad...who nominated Ben....who nominated Mom....and, adorably, music ingenue Taylor Swift, in honor of our get-away location, Watch Hill, Rhode Island.  It's not exactly a secret that the super-cute singer has a beach house (not bad, right?) in this picturesque hamlet.

Well, turns out Miss Taylor has already dumped a bucket of cold frostiness on her head, like countless other celebrities and politicians, but so what?  The boys were creative, articulate and brave in their videos.

But, the best, most important element occurred after the hilarity ended.  We dried off, sat down at the laptop and logged onto  The boys asked questions about the disease and contributed to the process of donating some dollars to an incredibly worthy cause.  Like the mom in this article on HuffPost Parents, my husband and I made the challenge a "teachable moment"...and it was really great.

Hey, I know there are naysayers out there but to each his own.  For us, it's a place in time we won't forget.

And, please.  Who wouldn't want to soak their parents in a torrent of frigidness?

Good times.

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