How to Throw An Awesome 'Magic' Party!

Each year, I channel my inner "party planner" when preparing for my sons' birthdays.  I love it...I find it creative and super-fun.  We've had a number of great backyard get-togethers featuring Super Hero costumes, a petting zoo, a bird-of-prey show and a pirate skit.

This year, for 9 year old Ben, we settled on a MAGIC PARTY!

*First, we scoured the local options and hired Danny Magic, a traveling "comic magician" who appears at homes with his own set-up, rabbit, jokes and tricks.

*Next, I found this great "Vintage Magic" invitation through Anders Ruff.  It's so easy now to buy an image - which is emailed along with custom info inserted - and simply print it at a local shop.  I'm traditional.  I love a nice invitation...and think it sets the tone for the party, in terms of color scheme and theme.

*Avid readers, we always give bookmarks in our goodie bags...which I also printed up with corresponding images from Anders Ruff. 

*I love to create a beautiful table for each party.  I looked around the internet - at pictures like these - and created my own spin on a similar look.  Plastic magic hats, adorned with foam stars and ribbon from Michael's craft store, became table toppers, along with bunny dishes.  Fittingly, I made pretzel wands and randomly, I prepared Jello Jigglers, simply because kids love them!  They disappear in seconds!  My favorite touch to the table?  The table cloth.  I taped all sorts of playing cards to looked great.

*A local farm brought a kiddie pool, filled with hay and ADORABLE bunnies!  The kids loved seeing and petting them...a great way to give them a quiet moment during a - ahem - active party!

Naturally, the sky opened up and, for the first time, our backyard bonanza got SOAKED!  But, you know what?  Nobody (but me) really cared.  Danny Magic, who was really great, didn't miss a beat, moving all the kids into our garage, and I'm pretty sure the 9 year olds thought running around in the rain made the fiesta even more fun! 

Please share your creative party ideas!


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