Help 'SteveSongs' Name That Tune!

Old Saybrook singer, Steve Roslonek, has been a fixture on PBS Kids for seven years now, crooning his SteveSongs to children in-between TV shows.

Now, this father-of-two is a releasing a new ditty for a good cause with the National Fire Protection Association and you can help name that tune!

Check out this Facebook page to weigh-in and cast your vote before Friday.  Get the kids involved!

This is Roslonek's second song with Sparky the Fire Dog for the NFPA.  Last year, his tune, helping children know what to do when they hear a smoke alarm, was filmed in Middletown.  The Wesleyan University grad loved the experience and the NFPA received great feedback.  “It seemed to resonate with kids," he says.

The new music video was filmed at the Old Saybrook Fire Station.  The goal is to teach children not to fear a firefighter's appearance: “While the equipment they have may be big and scary looking, the person underneath is a helpful, friendly hero or helper in the community.”

Roslonek is fulfilled by reaching children in a relatable way.  “It’s important to have fun and enjoy music and all that it does for us but, also, I particularly like projects or songs where you can also teach a lesson or help a child’s development and frame it in a fun way so that all that stuff can exist together.”  He believes this is more effective than handing out a brochure and hoping the child retains information.

He is also embarking on a new idea, creating science-based lyrics for an older crowd: middle schoolers.  “It’s been really fun to do more complicated songs," says Roslonek.  “We’re hoping it’s going to be really helpful for teachers.”

Roslonek plans to record a new collection of songs in 2015 - with help from his 7 year old son and 4 year old daughter.  “The last album that I made, actually, was really the first time they were involved in the process of making the album,” he says.

First, he is setting-off cross-country, traveling to PBS events in North Carolina, Hawaii and Iowa.  Everyone always tells him, "You have a great gig!"

“I agree and I’m grateful, yeah,” he laughs.

Click here to learn more about the SteveSongs contest!




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