Going to School Sick

When I was working full time outside the home, I was allotted 5 paid sick days a year.  I generally didn't use them all before I was a parent for a number of reasons. 

A.  It's not a "good day" to be sick, ie no one is available to do the work I'm expected to.

B.  I feel guilty (despite being sick) calling out of work because I don't want the person who will be assigned my job to now have double the work.

C.  It's just a cold, I'll take some Sudafed and Advil and bring in a tissue box.

Of course I've called in sick to work before, plenty of times, especially if I was, or thought I was, contagious.  I've also encouraged co-workers to go home if they weren't feeling well because "I don't want us all to get sick."  Why do so many of us feel guilty taking care of ourselves if we're sick?  Is it a sign of weakness? We're only human, right?!  Would I have called in more if I felt like I wasn't dumping my work on someone else?  Of course!  But, I thought this article about sending kids to school sick was just sad.  As any parent knows, those allotted or paid sick days, add up pretty quickly when you have a child, especially a child in daycare or school.  I remember burning up most, if not all, of my sick days in the first two months of the year because my oldest daughter got sick at daycare.  I get it, it's their policy, so the other kids don't get sick.  But this article talks about why so many school-aged kids are in the classroom, sick.  It's not because they can't have a sick day, it's because mom or dad can't. 


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