'Girls Unlimited': A Conference To Empower Young Women

On Saturday, 7th, 8th and 9th grade girls are invited to attend Girls Unlimited!, a conference at the Nathaneal Greene Community Center in Guilford.

Jill Paglino, a middle school guidance counselor, organized the event.  "I have always been concerned with girls development and self-esteem," she says, explaining that young women today feel a tremendous amount of pressure to be flawless.  "We miss out on what the wider media culture does to our girls."

She believes the media sends messages to girls everyday: "To spend every waking moment on their appearance.  The word 'perfect' comes up again and again."  Paglino thinks this culture is resulting in an increase in anxiety and depression in girls because they feel they can't ever "measure up".

A group from Maine called Hardy Girls Healthy Women will run workshops at the conference, giving girls tools to deal with these messages. 

Click here for more information about Girls Unlimited!

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