Food Allergy Community Outraged Over 'Just Shoot Them' Remark

According to this article, a video showing a Clawson, Michigan member of the Board of Education making an insensitive remark about children with food allergies is going viral.

When told that the school has a significant population of kids with food allergies, the member, identified as Linda Grossman, replies, "Well, you should just shoot them."

Members of the food allergy community, including Branford's Gina Mennett Lee, are outraged.

This local consultant, and mom of a daughter with severe allergies, wrote this blog in response:

This is an unacceptable “joke” in age where school shootings are real threats and bullying of food allergic children is at a whopping 45%.  I often speak about the impact of our words and actions as adults.  It is unacceptable for any person to suggest such a horrific deed, but  I hold our public officials to an even higher standard.  Board of Education members are tasked with overseeing the health, safety and education of the children in their care. This type of comment is in direct conflict with that responsibility.  It is ignorant at best and careless, heartless and downright dangerous at it’s worst.

Check out this Facebook page to see the many comments this remark generated.

UPDATE:  According to this TV news report, Grossman has resigned.

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