Farm Day

The look on my daughters' faces was priceless.

I absolutely love seeing how they both react to animals.  We have a dog who they snuggle, pet, and  sometimes annoy, but he's a good sport and I supervise the silliness.  My husband and I have taken our girls to the zoo and now several farms and that twinkle in their eye never gets old!

Same thing happened when we checked out the Strong Family Farm on West Street in Vernon.  We visited last fall for their Harvest Festival and I saw the sign that they were open from 12-6 on Wednesdays.  I'm always in search of fun and FREE adventures with the girls, and this fit the bill.  I was greeted by Nancy Strong, who told me the farm had been in her family since 1878.  She had a volunteer named Josh take us to the chicken coop to see "Puff."  Josh explained to us that they have 24 chickens right now, but Puff or Puffy, has his own cage.  The poor bird is blind and apparently the other chickens pick on him.  My almost 3 year old instantly bonded with this fluffy feathered friend.  She started by petting him and by the time we left, they created a precious bond.  Puffy had actually started snuggling with her.  My 1 year old spent her time talking to the other chickens and pointing at them.  Equally adorable.  While there, I learned the farm offers pick your own strawberries (now out of season), blueberries and raspberries (coming in now but not quite ready).  The farm also hosts 3 Movies at the Farm during the summer, FREE! All you have to do is register!  They have their second, "Babe" coming up on July 30th and on August 20th "Chicken Little."  It's been a while since I've been to the movies, but I'm confident watching a flick under the stars is prettier than a movie theatre and you can't beat the price! 


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