Explaining Election Day to Your Kids

"Who are you voting for?" "What's a Governor?" "Can I race?"

All questions your children may be asking today, on Election Day.  I'll admit I'm a bit stumped since it's my first time getting peppered with questions.  Between the debates, campaign ads and mail, it's a lot of homework for parents to pick a candidate. So, how should I explain the basics on a preschooler's level?  I found this web page from PBSParents extremely helpful.  They keep it simple. They give examples of how you can help your children understand what an election is.  It also includes some activities families can do together that mimic the process.  You can also learn how to make an American Flag and test your Election trivia!  And what's better than a trip to the polls to learn first-hand about the choices they'll one day have when you exercise your right to vote! If all else fails, tell them they can wear the "I voted" sticker when you're done!

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