Easter Egg Hunt

The venue changed, but the competition is fierce.

You didn't click on the wrong story, I'm still talking about our annual Easter Egg Hunt.

I'm in my 30's and a mom of two, and it's still one of my favorite holiday traditions, not to watch, but to participate in!

I've been to the ones at your local parks and heard about the ones other families have, all very civil and sweet.  But that just doesn't describe the Easter Egg Hunts I'm used to.

Last week, I talked about a nice, tame family tradition that I'm sure others enjoy as well, Coloring Easter Eggs. 

The Egg hunt in our family is quite another story.

Since I can remember, we've been collecting our bags, usually provided by my grandmother, and lining up by the door. (usually youngest to oldest, but since we're getting old now we might have to rethink that!)  When I was little, my grandparents hosted the holiday.  While some of my cousins would sneak down the hall to try and peak out the window to see where our parents were hiding the eggs, the others would blow the whistle, yelling: "Cheater!", "Moooom, they should have to go in the back of the line!"

This might all sound very childish, but isn't that the point? We were, at least when it first started.

In more recent years, my parents began hosting the Easter holiday to make it a little easier on my grandparents.  And now, it's not just my siblings and counsins, but all of our kids who can't wait for the Egg Hunt. One year, you might see one of us holding our daughters hand, helping them, and in the next year, overhear "You're on your own", "Good luck".  It might sound harsh, but it's all in good fun.  The "real adults", our parents, "hide" some easy ones for the little ones, and we're all told to skip over that batch.  Fair enough.  My uncle also hides some cash now.  My grandmother rewards the player with the most eggs a cash prize.  As you can imagine, that's the stuff the older kids are looking for.  I'm not going to lie, there have been a few minor injuries running for it when we play "hot and cold". Again, all in good fun.  

We're all very competitive and this is one day is when we can all feel like a kid again. Why should I give that up?


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