Do's & Don'ts of Tantrums

Three is proving to be a challenging year for my oldest daughter, and if I'm being honest, me as well.

While she is incredibly smart, sweet and silly, she is also unbelievably stubborn and sassy.  I look at her sleeping at night and my heart fills with so much love.  But, lately, the tantrums have been plenty and maybe I'm not helping.  While I'm not going to blame myself for her age appropriate behavior, I can do a better job of helping her through the tantrums.  But how?  We've been trying counting to 10 or taking deep breaths, but I realize, I need to do that too.  I know I'm the adult, but isn't it easier said than done sometimes? It's tempting to scream and yell, but really, who is that helping? Everyone feels worse after.  I'm trying to find a balance where she realizes she can have all these emotions, but not listening to mom (that's our biggest problem) is not acceptable.  Sometimes she laughs at me when I ask her to do something, sometimes she simply says "No!", sometimes she cries or repeats her request over and over again.  Every now and then, I get an, "Ok, mommy!"

I found this article helpful about understanding tantrums and this article includes suggestions from other parents about what works for their kids. 

If I may add my own suggestion, praise your children when they are behaving or doing something that makes you proud of them. It takes a village, right?

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