Do You Remember Your First Bikini?

I do....and I easily recall the feeling I had when my mom and I were checking-out of my favorite store.  I was in 8th grade...SHOCKED that she was buying it for me.  The swim suit was a birthday present...and I felt so grown-up.

I stumbled upon this blog post from HuffPo Parenting - "Why I Gave In And Bought My Daughter Her First Bikini" - and I smiled, suddenly remembering a moment I didn't expect to that brought back trips to the lake, those new flutters caused by a crush and a growing awareness of my femininity.

But, as I read on, I was taken aback at the poignancy of the piece.  Not just about a fashion milestone, the bikini is a symbol of joy, after an incredibly tough year, filled with illness, uncertainty and unavoidable maturity.  The girl had no choice but to, her first bikini became a fun way to celebrate her journey to womanhood.

It took some looking early this morning...but I found a 28-year-old photo of the actual two-piece... providing me with a glimpse of a girl who was carefree, confident...trying to find her way.  Sometimes it's helpful to see old images...before stretch marks, sag, work and worry.  I'm not complaining...I like the real-life world of adulthood.  This picture reminds me of the girl I facet of the woman I became.

Thanks for joining me on this trip down Bikini Lane.

Now, I'll go tune-up the Miracle Suit for yet another fun-filled summer!


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