CT Woman Creates 'Momford County'

A local mom, Angelina Capalbo of Unionville, has created a web site called Momford County: Sharing Things to do for Rockstar Moms in Hartford County.  She is aiming to provide a go-to resource for parents looking for fun, family activities.

"No matter where you live, there's a lot of great things to do.  People just don't know about them or haven't heard about them.  So, I try to be that Undercover Mother," she says, excited that the web site connects her areas of interest: motherhood, adventure and writing.

She lived in Connecticut as a child and recently moved back with her 5 year old daughter.  "I started the site when I moved here in June," she explains, noting she had a similar endeavor in her previous home of Long Island.  Capalbo dove head-first into the project, as a way to enjoy summer with her little girl, going places before she got a full-time job in the administrative area of a finance company.

She believes the "county approach" sets her apart from similar sites.  The coverage area is large - 38 towns - but not too overwhelming.  "My followers are very connected moms.  They're already grounded in their community.  They already know what's going on at school, they already know what's going on at the library and the community center.  So, I don't worry about those kinds of events happening," she says.  "I focus on the things that are unique, seasonal, recurring annually, the things on the outskirts of where they live that they might not know about."  She points parents to classes for Family Yoga or Family Zumba while also informing them about good spots to see the Easter Bunny.

Momford County's sister site - Momecticut - focuses on fun outings outside of the Hartford area.  This single mom drives to New York twice a month so that her daughter can spend time with her ex-husband.  "Along the way, we stop in Stamford, Norwalk and Greenwich and we get to experience places while we travel through the state," she says.

Capalbo will have a booth at the upcoming Danbury Kids Expo on April 26th.  "I will be giving out 150 goodie bags to the first moms who come to my table," she says.  "The kids will enjoy some complimentary crafts and activities."

This young mom hopes to see her web sites grow and gain more viewers, as she meets new friends and scopes-out fresh, exciting places:  "It's an amazing way to get connected to the area really quickly." 

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