CT Teacher Doubles as Children's Book Author

Her students made her dreams of becoming an author come true!

Sheila Murphy Adams is a 5th grade teacher at Pawcatuck Middle School.  "I have always loved to write," she says "when I became a teacher, I used a lot of my rhyming skills to teach specific skills or content."  In fact, her first book, Beads, Bands, & a Brass Ring, is the result of a class project.  "I was teaching my class about the genre of memoir, they're the ones that actually encouraged me to publish my book."   "My book inspiration is mostly from my students... I think of topics that I want to make easier for them to understand... then I think of the characters and problems that I'd like to use to teach the theme or lesson."

Sheila was an accountant and stay at home mom before becoming a teacher, and now published author.  She is now publishing her 5th children's book.  "It's pretty easy for me to write, once I get an idea, the words flow very easily for me."  When Sheila had to think about putting pictures to her words, "I knew it had to be illustrated by somebody who shares those same memories for it to be accurately illustrated."  So, she said it took some convincing, but her dad eventually agreed and now "asks when the next one is coming!"  She said they published their first book together after he was "80 years old!"

Sheila also has three novels "in the works", but doesn't know if she'll ever finish them. "I'd love to, but I find my attention span for writing a novel is a lot shorter than my reading attention span." 

Sheila's books are available on her website, on Amazon and at several local bookstores.  Her latest book should be out in a few weeks.  She also has an event coming up on June 21st at the Willington Public Library if you'd like to get your book signed!


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