Coloring Easter Eggs

I think it's only natural to want to continue some of the traditions you had growing up with your own kids.  Coloring Easter Eggs recently came up in a conversation at our house. My husband and I started reminiscing about how our parents would bring the PAAS Coloring kit home. I remember my mom cooking the eggs, but the most vivid memory I had is the smell! Not of the eggs, but of the vinegar used to color them. Yuck! My husband tells me he remembers eating them!  "What???!" I said to him. We never ate the eggs, in fact I've always hated hard boiled eggs and the smell that goes along with them but, I said, "are you kidding me?" He said no. It's funny how you (or I for that matter) just assume every family does things the same way.  I even said, "I'm calling my mother to make sure I didn't block this out, but I'm pretty sure we didn't eat those eggs!"  She confirmed that we would just leave them out as a decoration for Easter and then toss them.  To each his own.

So my husband wanted to color the eggs with my 2 year old daughter. It was adorable seeing her face light up as he cut the circles from the box to dry the eggs, asking, "Can I do it?" He set up cups for the dye and told her, "you can put the tabs in the water/vinegar mix and I'll help you dip them."  She loved holding the "egg dipper" and likened it to "Sheriff Callie's Wild West" lasso. (her new favorite show)  She gently dipped each egg in the colors with my husband's help, only damaging one of them in the process.

Overall, a fun, and inexpensive project all in all! It also includes some stickers, but those ended up in her hair! That's ok, right? The Easter Bunny doesn't care!

I can't wait for her sister to be able to help next year.



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