Choosing a Preschool

Choosing a preschool feels a little like the college application process these days. A lot of options, paperwork and deadlines.  However, knowing what kind of education setting is the right fit for your child will give you the edge.

I know it sounds like a cliche, but time really does sneak up on you.  At this time last year, it was on my "to-do" list.  My youngest daughter was an infant at the time so I was exhausted.  All of a sudden, I realized I have a two year old who would be turning three the following September.  My husband and I needed to decide what kind of preschool we wanted her to go to, if any.  We could wait a year, or a figure out what our options for the fall were. 

Fast forward to the present. Brianna is in her first year of preschool and thriving. We did some homework ahead of time, finding out what's available in the public school system, I made some calls to private ones and talked to other moms about what worked for their families.  All research! There's a lot of questions we had.  Would my child be ready?  Would they get along with other kids? What would they be learning? What do I want my child to get out of her time at school? The list goes on and on. 

My point is there are answers out there.  Choosing a preschool is the topic of discussion at the Bright Spot's upcoming Parent Talk.  The indoor playplace in Vernon not only provides a venue for kids to run around it also serves as a resource for parents.  The conversation is next Thursday, November 6th at 6:15.  You can pre-register online or just show up. You can find more information on their website.  I spoke with Founder and Director Dawne Morison who tells me she used to address this topic in January, but is doing it earlier by request from parents.


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