Children's Book Week

My husband and I read to our daughter's every day.

It's part of our bedtime routine.

Before I put them down for their nap, I read them Nursery Rhymes. (They're quick and I heard it helps them sleep!)  My youngest tries to rip out the pages while my oldest finishes my sentences by memory, but hey, it's reading, right? Bedtime brings much of the same.  We try to read one story to the girls together, followed by a couple more for my oldest.  We let her pick out the books and she always says "now I read it" after we're done.  That's followed by another story in bed and she then reads to herself until she falls asleep.

It's National Children's Book Week. We all know how important it is for our kids to read, I'm just glad my girls seem to enjoy it as well! But, while I love to read now, I dreaded it as a kid, it always felt like homework and often was.  So, here's some tips I found from to get them started!



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