Car Seats Expire Too!

It's a beautiful thing. You've got questions, they've got answers. 

I'm talking about the parents who've come before you!  You need clothes, their children have outgrown theirs.  The amount of stuff you accumulate in a very short amount of time is just unbelievable.  In just three years and two children, we've filled our basement with clothes, toys and all that gear, including car seats.  Some parents know that magic number when they're all done having kids and either sell it all or pass it along as hand me downs.  Others, like myself, aren't so sure about the future, but know some of it can go to good use now.  For example, car seats can only take up space for so long before they expire and become useless.  After they expire, you're supposed to trade them in, for example at Babies R Us for coupons, or pass them on to family or friends. I recently found a mom to be who could use a car seat, and just like moms before me who have shared, I wanted to pass it along.  After all, this isn't the outfit that still has the tags on it that could still be worn someday!  Just be sure to check the car seat's expiration dateHere's some helpful information about when your kids are due for an upgrade!



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