Can Women Have It All?

The timing of this article is impeccable. It's titled: Women Can't Have It All.

I was having this very conversation with a friend of mine just yesterday.  The story is likely to resonate with a lot of women, not necessarily because they agree, but because women I know and respect are trying to have it all.  Heck, I'm one of them. 

The article talks about the hard lessons in Shonda Rhimes' TV shows, such as "Grey's Anatomy." Throughout the years, the main characters struggle with working full time, keeping their marriage together and spending time with their children, with some added TV drama for good measure.  It gets messy, but sometimes the issues strike a chord.  I take care of my children full time, but I also work from home, so although that's a great situation for my family most of the time, it's not always easy.  I often have a deadline my children don't care about.  They want mom to play or get them a snack or take them for a walk.  Which I do, as much as I possibly can, because I want to.  The laundry, the house, doctors appointments, preschool pick-up and baths are also on the daily list.  So, yes, by the time my husband gets home from work, I don't feel like a "good" wife because I'm cranky and in need of some time alone, but it's dinner time. My hair has seen better days, my makeup lasts much longer than it should since I rarely wear any but should, and I live in yoga pants.  I could go on and on, but everyone has their routines, every family makes choices.  Many moms work outside of the home and are battling the clock every morning to get themselves and their children out the door to school and work.  I'm here to say, we're all just doing our best.  Some days that doesn't feel like much, others I feel like I deserve an award or something for getting so much accomplished. 

I get it, you don't always get a fairy tale ending, but what's wrong with trying? Sometimes my kids don't listen or they spend half of the day whining, some days my husband and I can't get through a conversation without a silly fight, and I'm constantly trying to keep my house up to MY clean standards.  BUT, it's those little moments I treasure, such as the pride I feel when my oldest daughter can recognize letters or numbers on the trucks we pass on the way home from school or when my youngest says "juice" so I can understand what she wants! It's the one comment I get about a blog I wrote from another mom who can relate.  Day made.

While I get frustrated over the daily bumps in the road and need to vent, every night I like to focus on the positive, right before I close my eyes.  So, I guess it depends what your definition of having it all is.




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