Bristol Girl Donates Toys, Shows True Holiday Spirit

Amelia is a Bristol kindergartner with a big heart, showing everyone that a little throughtfulness goes a long way during the holiday season.

“Amelia has recently expressed her concern to us about the children at the hospital who do not get to spend the holidays at home and wished that she could do something special for them,” writes mom, Justyna Daliga, in an email to Fox CT.  “This is how the idea of Amelia’s Toy Drive came to life.”

This afternoon, Amelia is bringing 443 gifts to an outreach location in East Hartford to be delivered to kids at Connecticut Children's Medical Center.

“We have been stunned by the support and turnout we received,” says Daliga.  “We are beyond humbled and very thankful to all those that chose to help out our daughter in her efforts of spreading the holiday spirit to the children who will spend their holiday at the hospital.”

Bravo, Amelia!  Thinking of others - the true spirit of the season.

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