Aaaah! You've Been BOOed!

We were enjoying a cozy Sunday evening.  The boys were in their jams and I was cleaning-up dinner.

Suddenly, someone was banging on the front door!  We opened it to find two cups full of treats...some spider goodies and a few pieces of candy.  Next to the knick-knacks, we found a simple drawing of a ghoul.

Aaah!  We were BOOed!

The boys ran out to find their favorite boy-babysitter hiding in the shadows, as his mother watched from a stealthy position in the cul-de-sac. 

We taped the ghost to our front door and, tonight, we paid it forward..."boo-ing" two other neighbors.  The boys had so much fun...running through the neighborhood in the dark (under the watchful eye of mom, of course) as we left our friends an early Halloween surprise. 

Click here to read about this new October tradition, print the ghost and get-in on the action!

In light of the recent hullabaloo in Newington, it's important to let kids be kids...dress-up, have fun and make memories.

Thanks, Alex!

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