Best Places To Sled

When I was little, I couldn't wait for the snow!

Long before text alerts and emails, my sisters and I would park ourselves in front of the radio in hopes of hearing the name of our Regional School District on the list of closures so we could stay home and play in it!

While my enthusiam for the snow has waned over the years, I still love some of the fun you can have in it. Skiing, building snowmen and snow forts and of course, sledding!

My parents' house is the perfect setting for sledding.  It has a great hill to build up speed, complete with a sharp corner, not for novices!  Sled races were serious business growing up.  We're all pretty competitive, but more often than not, my mom was the one with bragging rights.  She would challenge my dad to a race, and although my dad can hold his own, his sled just wasn't as fast as my moms. (who knows, maybe she put some of Clark W. Griswold's special cereal varnish on it like in "Christmas Vacation!")  My mom then had no problem rubbing it in everyones face that she won, and we love her for it!

Fast forward a few years.  While my daughters are still a little young for racing Grandma down the driveway, they enjoyed the slow and steady ride this past blizzard!  And, the "adults" had just as much fun.  My brother in law paved the way with the snow tube for my siblings and nieces and I to dive down his front lawn.  It was a lot of fun and definitely made me nostalgic for my own childhood.

If your yard or driveway isn't the best for sledding, check out this article which includes some of the hot spots in years past here in Connecticut!  Just make sure you check it out ahead of time to make sure it's still safe.  If your favorite spot to sled is missing, please leave a comment so other families can enjoy it too!


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