Baby Gates Not Foolproof

They've come a long way since I was little.

I'm talking about baby safety gates. Our house is covered with them.  My husband and I put them up when my now 2 year old started walking.  We put one at the top and bottom of the stairs like I'm sure most parents do, but the dining room is off limits too, so there's another two.  While my oldest never really needed them (she actually listened to us then) when we said, "don't go near the stairs" or "stay out of there", I already know they will be necessary for my youngest who's fearless as she takes her first few steps to keep up with her big sister.  Either way, this new study, just proves what most parents already know, despite your best efforts to keep your house childproof, you still need to watch your kids.  Shocking, I know.  In all seriousness, kids can get their fingers stuck in the latch in the split second the gates are closing so just be careful! 

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