Affordable Ideas for Kids Play

The days are getting shorter and the temperatures cooler.

I'm enjoying the beautiful fall days and all the outdoor activities the season has to offer with my children.  We've gone on a hay ride to pick pumpkins, we've carved them, we've gone to farms, fairs and festivals.  But, I know at some point, the weather will turn and some days, it'll just be too chilly to be outside.  I am a planner.  I want to be armed with ideas to entertain my daughters, and myself for that matter, so I reached out to a local MOMS Club.  "Coming up with new and fun ideas is a challenge," says Amanda Hakian, VP of Membership for the Vernon Bolton chapter.  She adds "I've benefitted from joining our local MOMS Club because as a collective, we can come up with ideas I would have never come up with on my own." Amanda says "we love going to our local bounce house, the roller skating rink holds a weekly Tiny-Tot Skate... there's a new Trampoline Park that holds toddler and home school events and we utilize our public libraries and their storytimes. "  And because everyone is on a budget, Amanda tells me "all of these events are less than $10 or free."  Perhaps my favorite tip she gave me, "hold playdates with local friends, rotating houses mixes it up for kids and parents so kids aren't getting bored with the same toys all winter and parents aren't always the ones who have to clean it up!"  I'm also a big fan of exercise.  So how do you tire the kiddos out inside?  "A few of my friends and I have memberships at our local YMCA... being able to have access to their indoor pool is a great resource."  Personally, I've had great luck with my local library.  I've also brought the kids to children's museums and indoor playgrounds.  Don't rule out the Dollar Store for an inexpensive craft project.  The stuff I've found there keeps my girl and I busy for a while!

You can find more information on the Vernon and Bolton MOMS Club here.  A complete list of chapters and contact information for other towns can be found here

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