Oscar, Oscar ... where DOES one keep their Oscar?

Liz Smith

"I WILL never win an Oscar, and do you know why? First of all, because I'm not Jewish. Secondly, I make too much money for all those old farts in the Academy." -- Clint Eastwood

Clint Eastwood has won four Oscars and has redeemed himself for addressing an empty chair (it was supposed to hold an invisible Barack Obama) at the last GOP convention. I would guess he has also become one of the "old farts" of the Academy, or he is much admired by them.

And he is a good bet to win Best Director for the film of the year, "American Sniper."

THE usual answer to where do you keep your Oscar, is -- in the bathroom!

Christian Bale gave his to his young daughter to play with and it sits among her toys, according to reporter Ethan Sacks. Whoopi Goldberg's is on a bookshelf. Director Danny Boyle confided that his Oscar began "watching" him, so he put it in a box under his bed. He said he breaks it out when he wants to impress producers, etc. Kevin Costner displayed his Oscars in his screening room. They were inserted into wells in a table. But he moved and now the pair is in a drawer.

Answering mail: Ralph SMA EX writes: "I love that story in your column about Diana Rigg at the end of a movie, but really it was about Katharine Hepburn at the end of 'Suddenly Last Summer.'"

Liz: Friend Ralph, yes, there is the famous story of Kate Hepburn, hating the filming of "Suddenly Last Summer," spitting at or slapping director Joe Mankiewicz at the end.

But, apparently, this has happened more than once. Diana Rigg was making "Her Majesty's Secret Service." She didn't like her leading man, George Lazenby and let him know it at the end of filming. (This tale is told by Tom Mankiewicz, son of the above-mentioned Joe, in Tom's upcoming memoir. Some have suggested Tom mixed up his angry actresses. But as he was there, as the screenwriter on the 007 movie, I guess he knows which way the spit blows.)

HOW CAN it be? I was writing here about Yoko Ono recently and what she means to New York City. And I neglected to add that New York magazine just named her as one of the "Top Ten" people who have changed New York City the most. The other "transplants" are Michael Bloomberg, Winton Marsalis, Hetty Green, Andy Warhol, Tina Brown, Diane von Furstenberg, Patti Smith, George Balanchine, the aforesaid Yoko, and Susanne Bartsch.

I ALWAYS hear from my longtime fashion friend, Jackie Rogers, who thinks if she shows me a photo of a new design, she has done her PR duty for the year. But the latest photo really appeals, so drop by the shop on Worth Avenue in Palm Beach where, they say, this new crepe tie blouse (as well as in a dress and jumpsuit) is knocking them dead in Orange Mint and Tabloid Turquoise.

The more important fashion news is negative. June Weir, who was a veteran of magazines and newspapers and fair coverage, has left us, just as we finally made a date to get together. This reminds me, don't keep putting things off. June was in a class by herself as a hard worker in fashion's vineyard.

The Harvard Kennedy School Fellows were scheduled to meet yesterday at the Harvard Club. This has been postponed till March 25. They were expecting a full house so hostess-lawyer Mary Boies is fit to be tied over this. But, hey, things happen -- particularly in this weather.

When I say Efrem Zimbalist Jr., do you think of the handsome actor who scored on TV in "77 Sunset Strip" and "The F.B.I." He starred in movie after movie.

On March 20, there will be "A Salute to the Zimbalists!" at Christ and St. Stephen's Church in NYC -- 120 W. 69th Street. This concert will introduce a violin sonata composed by Efrem Jr., as well as works by Efrem Sr. This has been arranged by Anya Laurence.

Efrem Jr. was born to musical royalty. His father was one of the mid-20th century's leading violinists. And his mother was the soprano Alma Gluck. Tickets from $20 to $30 are available at the door.

Here's a treat for our readers suggested by the Texan expert Joe Armstrong. In 1955, in a telecast on CBS, none other than Noel Coward sang "Deep in the Heart of Texas." You can click on the link and here it is: http://www.artsjournal.com/aboutlastnight/2015/01/just-because-noel-coward-sings-deep-in-the-heart-of-texas.html.

I suppose it's out of the question that super conservative Texas Sen. Ted Cruz would use Noel Coward in his campaign to control the destiny of the United States!

WE told you the sad news last week that journalist/photographer/columnist Tom Gates -- an eternal presence from Manhattan to Palm Beach -- was ailing at the Calvary Hospice in the Bronx. We have sadder news, Tom passed away of leukemia. He is survived by his companion of 22 years, Mitch Douglas. Mr. Douglas requests that in lieu of flowers, donations be made in Tom's name to The Actors Fund, 729 Seventh Avenue, 10th floor, NYC, 10019.

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