Britney Spears sued by dancer who says pop star broke her nose

Dancer Dawn Noel claims Spears stumbled doing a spin during rehearsal and cracked her in the face

Britney Spears has reportedly been sued by a backup dancer who alleges the pop princess busted her nose during rehearsal for a music video shoot last August and failed to pay her doctor bills as promised.

And here we thought "Hit me" was simply part of "... Baby One More Time," which is so very last century. 

Dawn Noel's suit says she and other dancers perfected their moves at a Woodland Hills studio on Aug. 19, working their groove for hours before Spears showed up to join the action, according to a lawsuit filed Monday and obtained by E! News. 

The star of the Las Vegas show "A Piece of Me" showed up "in a disheveled and confused state" and struggled to nail even simple dance moves, the battery and negligence suit alleges.

Instead -- when she twirled, "unbalanced," with hands and arms extended -- Spears allegedly nailed Noel in the face. A cracking sound was heard around the room, the suit claims, but all the singer did before getting right back to rehearsal was say, "I'm sorry." 

Noel says she lasted about a hal- hour more before heading to a doc and learning she needed surgery to repair a nasal bone fracture. Months after the incident, promises by the Spears camp to pay for medical bills have gone unfulfilled, the lawsuit says.

The music video was released in October 2013. 

"She's been very patient and I don't understand why they wouldn't just do the right thing," an attorney for the Philadelphia-born dancer (legal name Dawn Noel Pignuela) told

Sark Ohanian said the injury had affected his client's professional life as well as caused breathing and sinus issues, and noted that there is no dancers union to provide insurance on a job like this. Noel's website does list the aspiring actress as a member of SAG-AFTRA. 

Her dance resume includes a Ricky Martin music video and TV performances with Beyonce, Mariah Carey and, oddly enough, comedian and actor Robert Klein. 

"She isn't looking to get rich off this," her attorney said.

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