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‘Late Night’ writer Jenny Hagel blasts Kevin Spacey's response to alleged sexual misconduct

“Late Night With Seth Meyers” writer Jenny Hagel on Wednesday tore into Kevin Spacey and his response to fellow actor Anthony Rapp’s accusations that Spacey sexually assaulted him.

Rapp has alleged that Spacey made an unwanted sexual advance on him in 1986 when the “Star Trek: Discovery” actor was 14 years old. Hours after that accusation, Spacey issued a statement on Twitter to deny any recollection of the incident and cited it as “inappropriate drunken behavior.” He also announced that he “now choose[s] to live as a gay man.” 

After addressing the news, Meyers turned the show over to Hagel, who dismantled Spacey’s statement piece by piece. 

“As a gay woman, I have a lot of problems with Kevin Spacey’s statement,” Hagel said. 

She pointed out that the “House of Cards” actor’s coming out in response to the allegations was completely inappropriate because “those two things are totally unrelated.”

“The only appropriate response to ‘you tried to have sex with a 14-year old’ is ‘I am also a 14-year old,’ ” Hagel said. 

Deeming Spacey’s move a moment “worse for gay people than when NBC canceled ‘The Golden Girls,’ ” Hagel also took issue with Spacey chalking up his actions to “drunken behavior.”

“That makes it sound like every gay person is two beers away from molesting a kid,” she said. “I’m not. I’m two beers away from singing [Melissa Etheridge's] ‘Come to My Window’ at karaoke. And three beers away from singing it from my window.”

Hagel then blasted Spacey for trying to join the LGBTQ community after he “threw us all under the bus” with his coming out. 

“The gay community has been made up of brave, brilliant people like Alan Turing and Audre Lorde and Billie Jean King,” Hagel explained. “You’re not in the gay community. You’re in the creep community. Go celebrate creep pride, and throw a little creep parade, and leave us out of it.”

Watch the segment above. 

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