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Tom Cruise reveals sixth ‘M:I' title in his first-ever Instagram post

Tom Cruise (Angela Weiss / AFP / Getty Images)
Tom Cruise (Angela Weiss / AFP / Getty Images)

“Mission: Impossible” franchise star Tom Cruise is on now on Instagram, joining the more than 800 million active users who rappelled onto the social media site before him. 

The actor’s first posts Thursday were purely promotional, giving a peek into the next “MI” movie and revealing the name: “Mission: Impossible — Fallout.” It will be the sixth movie in the series, which according to unadjusted Box Office Mojo numbers has grossed enough worldwide to give each active Instagram user about enough green to buy a gallon of gas. 

Also, it appears that Cruise is once again doing his own high-risk stunts, though we knew that already in August when he had that building-jumping mishap (as one does in one’s mid-50s). Totally wish he’d posted a POV helicopter shot he took himself … 

Hey, he’s a newbie. 

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