Calendar Letters: A ‘Murder’ most fine

Regarding “‘Murder on the Orient Express’ Fine Actor, So-So as Director” [Nov. 10]: I liked the movie more than the reviewer did. I especially loved the philosophical ending and the destabilizing effect on Poirot. You get the feeling that for all his prowess as a detective, he’s never had a case before that caused him to question his values.

The Josh Gad role as the “shifty secretary” particularly caught my eye. He was marvelous. Supporting actor nomination

Stephanie Sides


Huge difference in artists’ actions

Regarding “Can the Music World Learn From Hollywood?” [Nov. 5]: Justin Bieber egged a neighbor’s house. Producer Dr. Luke is accused of drugging and raping Kesha in a civil lawsuit filed by the singer. One is a childish prank committed by an adult who ought to know, and can learn to do, better. The other is a serious crime, punishable with a hefty prison sentence if a person were to be charged and found guilty in a criminal court.

By lumping these into the same category, you do a great disservice to the women and men in the industry who have been and continue to be hurt by a dehumanizing abuse of power.

Jackie Fuchs

Los Angeles

Plant’s reality, Zeppelin dreams

Regarding “Robert Plant’s Doing What He Wants” [Nov. 2]: I noticed that Plant is playing smaller theaters this tour; I don’t think he can sell the tickets anymore. It is his choice, and he can play whatever music he wants, but playing mostly new music not heard on the radio is difficult. He plays a few Led Zeppelin songs, but he changes the arrangements, and they don’t sound the same.

Donna Doyle

La Quinta


Everyone wants a Led Zeppelin reunion. No one wants to hear a 75-year-old man singing “Squeeze My Lemon.”

Mark Anderson

La Jolla

From ‘Bunk’ to just absurd

Regarding “‘Bunk Shows ‘Fake News’ Isn’t New” [Nov. 12]: I was drawn to the photo of the young child with the wild and gorgeous hair, inscribed “Cannibal Fair Child.” I found the use of the term “Black Fijians” in the photo caption ironic. In a review of a book on hoaxes, myths and white people perpetuating racial stereotypes types because they feel marginalized, this has marginalized an entire island nation. Just what is a “Black” Fijian

Carla J. Williams

West Covina

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