Ultimate Backyard Makeover Story #2

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Built in 1953, this West Hartford, CT house is a traditional New England colonial, has a huge ugly backyard (see picture) that has lot to offer. Decades of neglect has ruined this backyard and left it for dead! We just bought this house and there isn't a single thing done to this back yard in all these years and probably it's the ugliest backyard in the neighborhood! We have done so many upgrades inside out of this house and yet so much more to do!

This backyard is like a blank canvas, all it needs a visionary, an Artist to bring it back to life! If you like to make a difference and create a signature that will compliment each other, this ugly backyard will give you the opportunity to do just that! Hope you will select our ugly backyard and bring it back to life and make this house a 'Home' and make our dream come true!

Thank you,
Kabir & Family

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