Ultimate Backyard Makeover Story #1

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From the view of my spectacularly dilapidated deck I can look outand see that wondrous concrete pad smiling back at me. The greenerysurrounding it, coupled with the sublime flow into the equallystark asphalt walkway creates an idyllic gift for all eyes tobehold. That description may be a tad facetious, but the picturespeaks for itself.

If only I could pan around you would see the rest of the yard doesnot fare much better. I bought this home in the winter of 2011,after having returned home from my second combat deployment toAfghanistan with the CT Army National Guard, and realized this pastspring and summer how much of a eyesore this space is. If onlythere was a contest to win and makeover this backyard into a spacethat both aesthetically and functionally beautiful ...Oh,wait...That's what I'm here for.

Thank you,
Dave & Family

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